Monday, December 28, 2009


With the year winding down it creates an urge to reflect and think of the past. I've spent much quiet time the past few days rereading old journals, rereading my blog and reflecting on how my life has changed in the past few years. 2008 was a year of great growth. 2009 was a year of recharging. I don't do resolutions, I've always broken them in the past and I feel like a failure. But I would like to set some goals for myself and 2010 seems like a good year to give back a little of what I've been given. I'm not sure how that will play itself out but I want to live a more open life to be more giving. I've said before that I'm a private person but I also think that spells selfish person, I am jealous of my time. It is scary to think of giving to others and having them "take over" your life. I'll need to learn about boundaries. As I said I have no idea how this will play out but it is time to step up to the plate and give back. I am ready to grow to stretch to reach out,touch and be touched no matter how scary it may be.


  1. Powerful insight, Very scary stuff too. Maybe not to those who do not walk in your shoes but for you very scary !!! I too had a moment of clarity as in my post this am. Tell me the sight that publishes blogs yours would make a great book !

  2. Sometimes I think it takes much more strength and energy to constantly shield oneself than to open... but it is scary.

  3. Such a deep post my dear friend. I totally understand where you are coming from. I love to share with people, but when I get home I think and panic if anyone is coming to visit as I want time all to myself. When I give, I can say to much sometimes. Maybe we are so giving that it frightens us?
    You are in so the right place here. I have found here with all these beautiful people a place I dreamed never existed for real.
    You can totally be yourself and be yourself again!
    Bless you in your new growth of 2010.



  4. Lorrie we are so alike in so very many ways - it amazes me sometimes!

    (I can "smell" that lily - beautiful photos)

  5. You are already well on your way to opening more and blossoming into the full flower that is you!! I'm so happy to be able to share that journey with you!! Love, Silke