Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Spirit

As it has been rainy and cold these past few days I've spent much time sitting beside a pellet burning stove we have in our basement. It brings back memories of winters past-the creaks and groans of the stove, the smells of the burning pellets. Memories of healing from a difficult and painful time in my life but now that I am on the other side I would not trade for anything. Because through the darkness I found a place of peace. Sitting in the dark yesterday I thought about Christmas and what it was really all about. Although I do not have a lot of gifts to give this year and do not have many parties to attend I am full of love. And that is what the Christmas spirit is all about-love for yourself and your fellow man. Without the pain of the past I would not have learned about love and would have been an empty shell. I hope your holiday season is full of love.


  1. Lorrie....

    I love that your mother-in-law had those same recipe cards...they sure are old fashion...

    sending you peace and love as we approach Christmastime.....

    Kary and Buddy

  2. Dear Lorrie, this is so very true! I've know some very dark times in my life, being pushed to be brink, and because of that I am now the person I am AND I know that I can handle anything life gives me. There is great peace in that and also a special joy that comes with having known great sorrow. I'm so glad our paths crossed - you are an inspiration to me!! Love, Silke