Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after

The day after Christmas and still no creature is stirring not even a dog-I hear snores coming from the living room. I spent a quiet and relatively peaceful day yesterday. Others close to me are not so lucky this year and I feel their pain. A marriage falling apart, a breaking heart and all one can do is listen. Times like this are always distressful but at the holidays seem so much more so. Gratitude was a word that I thought long and hard about yesterday-my husband giving a gift I thought was inappropriate. Talking about pain and loss made my upset about a gift seem minor indeed. Knowing I am loved is a gift in itself and one that I cherish especially this year.


  1. It's always hard to be truly joyful when those around us are hurting, although they probably benefit most from our joy! I was lucky this year in that everyone close to us are doing well and are healthy. We had some close calls in our families this year, but all came out well in the end. Having known it differently made me especially grateful this year. You are so right, knowing that we are loved is the greatest gift of all!! And you are loved! Love, Silke

  2. Hi Lorrie, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Gratitude is a powerful word and makes us see the world in a different light. I agree with you about being loved and how important love is in our lives. Hope your New Year is full of love, health, creativity and prosperity, Paula