Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monster Dolls

I got to spend part of my day with a friend "crafting" and visiting. She was suppose to be at an outdoor art show selling her Monster dolls, but it is rainy and cold here so she stayed home. This was lucky for me because I got to visit with her and even was given a doll! They are so cute and charming, each come with their own little tag and tell a tale about the doll. If you are looking for a Christmas gift you should check out her Esty store, she has them for sale there. I must say that this year I am having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. It is not that I am a scrooge, it is just that is does not feel like Christmas at all. Maybe that is what happens as one gets older, but I hate to think that I've lost the ability to feel "magic". Its just that everyday feels just like the next and nothing seems special. The secret might be that I have to make it happen and that I can't wait for it to happen to me.


  1. ayda looks great at your have given me so much through our many years together...i stand in awe of you...thank you for the sunshine you brought to me today!!!
    much love

  2. Oh about putting on some Christmas music..I've had it on all day..on this rainy day..and it really did get me in the spirit...bake a batch of cookies...makes the house smell good..light a xmas candle...keep your tree lights on..did you do a tree? hope so. I did even though i didn't feel like it..not many ornaments are on it...not that interetsed with Buddy and all...

    had to really force it myself....but i am trying....and feeling it more and more..the weather helped too.....

    stay cozy and warm, friend...

    i'll be back to visit soon..

    Kary and Buddy

  3. p.s. the dolls are adorable....I'll check out ETSY


  4. Dear Lorrie,

    What a cute little doll you got today! I love it!! I can totally understand about the Christmas spirit - it ebbs and flows for me. Last year I was really into it and this year it's delayed because we were gone. Some years I didn't feel it much at all and other years I love it! I find that listening to some Christmas music and baking cookies always gets me feeling more in the spirit. Sending some Christmas spirit from here... Love, Silke

  5. Christmas music and smells always work for me! Thanks for always stopping by and leaving me a note, I love it!