Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Simplicity the instance of being simple 2. freedom from complexity or intricacy 3. absence of luxury, pretentiousness or ornament 4. freedom from deceit or guile. I wonder how simple a life I truly live. I say I enjoy the simple things but what do I really mean by that? I look around my studio and it is anything but simple there are things all over. I am surrounded by much. They are things that are beautiful to me and bring me joy. I wonder how my life would be without them? I am lucky in that I don't have to do without them but just wonder the question about true simplicity. I am not brave enough to make a pledge to not buy anything "new" during the next year but it is an interesting thought to ponder. Living an open honest life free of guile and deceit makes sleeping at night much easier and something I've been working on. First you must be honest with yourself and sometimes that is hard. Simplicity a good word to think on as the new year approaches.


  1. That is a great word and was my theme going into last year. Actually, not so much simplicity as an appreciation for the things we already own. I think that's what led me to wanting to make art. This year, I feel like expansion will be my theme. I love having themes for the new year, so much better than those dreaded resolutions... So glad we met, Lorrie!! My love to you all (doggies included)! Silke

  2. Lorrie....so good to hear from you...have been swamped under with this Christmas....but it's over...finally...and I was just looking at the calender at the month of December and most of it I was in such a stew over Buddy...it started on the 4th of December and wasn't till Sunday, the 20th that things got straightened out...and then Christmas hit...and I was behind...I think my tree had about 10 ornaments on it..it was all I could muster...but I did manage a little day of pasta making...

    LOVE your post on simplicity...that's our motto around here too....

    Wishing you and Lily and Penny a peaceful New Years Eve...dear friend.

    Kary and Buddy

  3. I agree with the idea of wanting simplicity but then it is very hard to part with the things we love and cherish..things that might have once belonged to a former generation are especially dear.
    I have mixed feelings about not buying anything...after all, we keep people in employment when we shop.

  4. I love your post Lorrie! This year we should all try to do better at the things that matter. Simplicity in thought and action....do the right thing is pretty simple!

  5. I was just reading another blog similar to this Lorrie. I love this philosophy and I hope it catches on.

  6. I longfor a simple lifeand fantasize about stripping my life down recently I sold most of my wardrobe and found it so liberating. Yourpost struck a chord thank you I will return. I am a friend of lovely Jackie.