Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wet yet Dry

It is a wet day in the Lilylovekin home. Wet soggy dogs are afoot. The walk was called short and there is much restlessness and pacing going on. I am hunting down grandmas Christmas cookie recipes. Baking was suggested as a way to invoke the Christmas spirit and today seems like a good day to try it. I have few family traditions but my grandmas baking always stands out in my mind. I have an aunt who every year sends us a container full of the traditional goodies. It is always eagerly anticipated and quickly devoured. Between periods of rain I found colors in the yard that reminded me of Christmas. I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season and as these rainy days are upon us it seems like I have another to add to my list. The patches my husband applied to our leaky roof seem to be holding!!! There are no water spots coming through on the living room ceiling.


  1. Beautiful photos, Lorrie (I feel like I'm repeating myself, but you know how much I love your pictures!). Can't wait to hear how the cookies turned out. You are inspiring me -- we just decorated the Christmas tree and I'll now bake a batch of cookies. It's warmish (67 degrees) and rainy here - a soggy day, perfect to bake cookies. Glad your roof is keeping you all dry! Love, Silke

  2. Hi're baking Christmas cookies !

    I am baking a tea bread that was Bessie's recipe....if it is good...smells good..i'll post it....

    had leaks here at Farmhouse too..the french doors leaked and the ceiling in the kitchen by the coffepot always leaks in a i just got out the pasta pot...plunked it down on the floor....drip...drip...drip...but we made it through...

    i've got the Christmas music on too..we're trying our best over here too...

    Buddy is doing so good....he's a trooper....

    I'll check back with you later....

    kary and buddy

  3. Love your photos! Cookies - yummm. Glad to hear your roof is keeping you dry. Running water is great in the bathroom and kitchen, but nobody needs it anywhere else!!