Saturday, December 19, 2009


I decorate my tree with glass ornaments, mainly Christopher Radkos-collecting them over the years at after Christmas sales. I am crazy in love over the little bird ornaments with feathers as tails that clip on the tree branches, I have them in lots of colors all over my tree. This year with my down and out holiday spirit I got about 10 ornaments on the tree and I stopped. It looks rather sad but it is the best that is going to happen this year and I'll try again next. My aunts annual goodie package arrived in the mail today. Yeah now we get to eat all the treats that remind me of the holidays. Thanks Aunt Barb!!! I'm going to quit worrying about the holiday spirit and just accept that this is a quiet year for me. Next year will be different I don't know how but I know it will be. I'll try to stop the frustration I feel at my self and just enjoy the peaceful quiet place I am in. Hope you all are surviving these last crazy few days before Christmas.


  1. Yeah for you!! I think it's great to accept where we are at, especially during times when we are expected to feel a certain way. I've had years when I couldn't get into the Christmas spirit at all and this year, I am loving it, although quietly. We are done with all the packages and mailing, today I spent a day baking and now we can relax and just enjoy each other. That's what I like best! Your ornaments are just gorgeous and they'll give you all the spirit you need to be wonderful YOU!! Love, Silke

  2. I agree with Silke. It is important to accept how we feel, not try to be in the mood that is expected of us. I'm not feeling much in the mood myself this year. Enjoy the quiet and be good to yourself!

  3. Hi Lorrie - glad to catch up with you after weeks away. I've missed you.
    Don't worry about the "expectations" of the holidays - those expectations are not real. What is real is what works for you. Never be sorry for being yourself - "you" are what makes you such a very special person!
    hugs my friend.....
    (your pictures are just lovely as always too)

  4. I have several Radko ornaments and they are my beautiful!

  5. Merry Christmas, Lorrie
    At least you have the tree up, and the leafy green to enjoy.

  6. Thanks, Lorrie, for your holiday wishes. It's seems like many of my friends are having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I decorated a little tree so we'd have one. Your ornaments look beautiful. Hope you enjoy your time off and have a Merry Christmas, Paula