Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The first day of fall, when light equals darkness. Oh how I love this time of year. The smells of burning leaves, the feel of crunchy twigs under your feet. I love how the squirrels seem extra hurried rushing for that extra nut or two for the winter nest. I imagine them getting ready for a long rest curled deep in a cozy nest while the winter winds blow. And I guess that is what I love so much about this season after a summer of long hot days, I like the feeling of anticipation that fall brings. Change is in the winds. I can get ready for a long winter rest. To recoup from the adventures of the summer. To enjoy the warmth of home, to put my feet up -it is no longer expected that I be "out and about". And what I love best in the world is to be in my own home with those that I love. Fall represents coming home to me and there is no place better than home.


  1. That was really beautifully written. You said exactly what I am feeling today too.As I write this I have gingerbread in the oven. My little house smells so FALL !

    Lighting candles in the evening again. Smeling woodsmoke and burning leaves. Isn't it wonderful.

    I did an Equinox post this morning too...so we are both on the same wavelength today...

    More later and enjoy this beautiful season !


  2. Beautiful post- you always take such amazing photographs.

  3. Lorrie you always write so beautifully......

  4. Lovely post, Lorrie!! I love the seed pod in your photos - I have that flower in my garden too! Have a wonderful day!

  5. such a lovely post...thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I too love fall for some of the very same reasons!

  6. You photos are amazing HMMM the ideas are spinning we must talk!!