Monday, September 14, 2009

Golden Leaves

I have returned. Our weekends away are full of so much of the same activities and yet they feel like a new and fresh adventure every time we go. One day was spent dodging rain storms. I felt all cozy and warm with my cup of coffee in hand, listening to the rain drops dance their noisy tune on the metal trailer. Walking outside between the showers I was flooded with the fresh clean but dusty smell of just rinsed sage. I felt so alive. The next morning the sun was shinning and we were able to hike to a patch of glowing Aspens. Growing up in the midwest we called them Poplars or Cottonwoods. But what ever name they are known as, in the fall they give off the most beautiful display of golden color one can see in the forest. It is early in the season but we were lucky that a small area was starting to turn. We will not be back to the trailer until all the leaves are dead and on the ground so I was lucky to get the little bit of Aspen fix that I got!


  1. Welcome back, Lorrie. Glad you had a nice weekend! Those aspen trees do look lovely!

  2. As always your pictures are beautiful!! So glad that you had a nice time!

  3. Hi Lorie....I love the photos of the trees. Just beautiful. Glad you had a nice time, it sounds wonderful and I love the scones baking all cozy in "Bambi". :-)

    More Later

  4. absolutely gorgeous! I need autumn!

  5. welcome back!
    thank you for sharing those lovely pictures.
    this is my favorite time of year.