Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lucky gal

Today I was sent home early from work. Our work load is down and when there is a light day we are often sent home early. Last night on the news I heard that the average 40 hr. week has become a 33 hr. week. I came home to nearly half of the living room painted. I had imagined the paint color this awful shade of green while I was at work. And was pleasantly surprised to walk in the door and like what I saw. My husband was not in the best of moods though so I quickly exited and went and sat in the back yard, enjoying the late summer sun. Our deck is partially covered with a grape vine that is full of ripe sweet smelling fruit. I'm not a grape person but I discovered that the fig tree was hiding some ripe little treasures and they tasted so good, still warm from the sun and oh so sweet. Full of figs and sweet thoughts I tiptoed past my husband who is still working in the living room and wrote this post. I think I'm a pretty lucky gal.


  1. Hi Lorrie. You ARE LUCKY ! Those little sweet figs...they are a treasure for sure....

    It was funny today, cause my sister-in-law was telling me that they have been looking at a trailer called "Bambi". I said, " I know that, I have a blogfriend who has one!"

    Love finding such pleasure in the simplest of things.....


  2. Those little figs look so beautiful and delicious!! I am sure the living room will look wonderful!

  3. I had my first fig in Italy last summer- Loved them. Your photographs are beautiful- I am craving a fig right now!