Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a hand can hold

My hand can hold so many things. My fingers grip and tighten. Muscles tense and then relax. From holding natures wonders to holding a darling little necklace made by Robin and the Sage. Check out her etsy store she has all kinds of delightful creations. I find that I use my hands to help define my world. To hold something in your hands makes that object a precious thing, it becomes alive. The world becomes a more vibrant place with touch. Love becomes so much more love when one is held. My heart so much more open and giving when held by someone I trust. Tonight I will hold someone I love close to me.


  1. Oh Lorrie, I love it! Hands really are magical tools that help us define our world. Love that you can see the mystery and beauty that you hold in your hands!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and thoughts.

    I feel inspired just reading what you'd written.


  3. Lorrie,

    thank you photographing my acorn necklace so beautifully! i love your photographs and blog, all those aspen leaves and birches reminds me from Finland and the place where i live now.


  4. What a beautiful post!!! Thank you for your kind words today.

  5. Such beautiful images! Wow. I especially love the leaf. ANd that acorn necklace...so precious!

  6. That necklace. I really like the way Delila worked in snippets of lace, and then did the stitch over on the blues. The brown beads are perfect and look like fall berries.
    so lovely

  7. Beautiful words and beautiful photos Lorrie, thank you again, and for your kind words on my blog!