Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday market

Fall is in the air. We may have some warm days and unusual heat spells. But the smell of autumn is in the breeze. I most definitely knew it when I went to the farmers market today and saw the line up of vegetables and fruits. Pears, apples, melons and peanuts! Growing up in the midwest I did not realize that peanuts were an autumn harvest but they were there in abundance at the market today. I usually go the market on Sundays but tried a different one today. Fortunately my favorite farmer goes to the same market so I was able to stock up on late season heirloom tomatoes. Tonight we are having grilled salmon with a maple syrup/mustard sauce that sounds pretty good and easy. If it turns out I'll pass out the recipe. I think I'll also bake afew apples for dessert, the wind has that chill in the air that makes one want to turn the oven on and fill the house with good smells of something baked.


  1. These pictures are great! Fall is the one season that I missed when I was in AZ. I love to see the color change and smell the smells of fall!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, YES ! Finally..the heat broke and I went to The Avila Barn and got Mutsu apples. I have never bought them before cause I don't like the name. (isn't that awful) but they said,"Ohn NO, you have to try them if you are making a pie". So I got them and have the Silver Palate Sour Cream Apple Pie in the oven. And it smells like fall.
    I'll post pictures next week.

  3. nice photos darling...we are off to the walk the dog in the cooler weather..ah...loving it...see you tomorrow....

  4. You're right, fall is standing around the corner and we can already smell her perfume... That grilled salmon sounds yummy! I made a plum crumble two days ago, with those delicious tart little egg shaped plums. And my husband is waiting for me to make an onion "cake", which is a traditional fall meal.
    Your pictures are lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. baked apples... sigh, fall is near!!

  6. Lorrie,
    send me your e-mail address and I will give you information about the onion "cake".
    rgstarke @